Friday, November 20, 2009

My Black Merona Leather Jacket

You ever have something that is eidetic? People can usually relate that to food, comfort food to be exact. Mine happens to be sushi. My family would always have rice on Sunday's for dinner. There would be chicken or some other main dish too, but rice was typically a part of it. And it was always sticky white rice. The kind that balls up really easily altogether. But we would get sushi on special occasions. And it wasn't just the sushi, it was the wasabi and the ginger. The smell and the taste are unforgettable. If you weren't careful that small green paste would almost clean you right out. So whenever I smell or eat or think about rice it brings back wonderful childhood memories.

This same type of thing I realized happens with me when, of all things, I wear my leather jacket. This jacket is pretty simple. Just a thin black leather jacket with a collar, pockets, and a full-length zipper down the front. But it is special to me for many reasons. I wear this jacket when I go to church. I wear it on dates. Plus, my parents both have ones that match the one I have and the one my brother has. I wear my leather jacket in the winter, which is one of my favorite times of the year because with winter comes Christmas. Christmas is sadly enough one of the few times where I finally can see people walking around smiling. So whether it is the fun times, the happy times, the times with my family, my friends, my mom, my dad, whatever it is when I wear that jacket it just opens me up and all of my senses. It is like a catalyst to a flood of memories and love. And so I can't help but feel better about myself when I wear it. And not only that, but when can a guy look better than in a good-looking and styling leather jacket? C'mon now...