Saturday, July 28, 2012

Made For Each Other

"I know that the church technically doesn't believe in soul mates but I think we might be the exception... I love you Tatiana! I hope you have an awesome time with your friends tonight! xoxo"


When I was younger I learned that there was a certain order to things.  A person has two hands each with five fingers, two legs that end in ten toes, two arms and two eyes, two ears, one mouth... But even a mouth comes with a pair of lips!  There are even people who claim to have children that have two stomachs!  But even as a kid I was good with numbers and certain things just made sense to me and for me I understood that every family starts with one man and one woman.  Still, if no two people are the same and we are all so different than how can any two people make it together?

The truth is not every couple can but I was taught that any two people, as long as they had the same goals and kept the promises that they made to each other and to God when they got married, could be able to make it work.  So the idea was that as long as they were committed to each other and to something that is greater than themselves, that this commitment would help them overcome the obstacles that come with marriage.  It was a great thought and everything, but I wanted something more than settling for something that "could make it."  As sappy as it sounds, I was bred on believing in Disney's happily ever after!  Why couldn't I have something like that?  Where was my Princess Bride?  So I went on believing that in the end, I may have to settle for something less than perfection but I would still keep my eyes open just in case.

 I never truly realized what a blessing that was... The more I experienced romance and the more I learned about love and all its parts and its moments, I saw that it was in accepting people for who they are and treating them for who they are supposed to be that gives us each the courage we need to move forward.  I learned that imperfection is really what perfection is.  "I screwed it up, chasing after perfection, chasing after what was right in front of me."  So once I decided that an individual didn't need to have all the qualities that I was looking for and they certainly didn't need to have a perfectly clean past, I was able to open my heart up to so many more people.  Again, I had a lot to learn... I still didn't understand.

I did WANT someone with a perfectly clean past.  I couldn't progress if they didn't!  I needed someone that understood that all we had to do to be perfectly clean was use to be actively using the Atonement.of Christ.  They didn't have to do everything right the first time around, the second time, or even the third.  They just had to not give up and give into the temptation of believing that they are beyond saving.  All we have to do is acknowledge that we have a problem, be willing to feel godly sorrow for our mistakes and be willing to forgive others who may have wronged us, change our behavior, do our best to fix what was wrong, and then endure well the same lesson as it is taught to us over and over again.  All I needed was someone who was teachable and constantly seeking to improve and not only do better but be better.  Unless we are able to internalize the lesson and have it become a part of our very nature, a part of our character and what defines us, then I feel like that lesson was lost on us.  So I guess what I am trying to say is that I didn't really need someone that was perfect... I just needed someone who was willing and wanted to become someone better.  I needed someone who would accept me with all my weaknesses, inadequacies, and mistakes, and I would need to be able to do the same for her.  And then a miracle happened and I actually found her...

The long list of miracles that actually had to happen in order for us to find each other is too long to describe here but long story short, I fell madly, hopelessly, and emphatically in love with a girl I met from literally the other side of the world!  And it was so easy... It felt natural, simple, and all we had to do was be ourselves.  She loved me for me.  She loved the goofy, corny, ridiculously romantic, chick flicks and musicals and sci-fi, creative, nerdy, weepy, sarcastic, competitive, athletic, diabetic, totally honest, protective, passionate, somewhat indecisive, and occasionally stubborn me!  And the thing was... we match.  She is quite literally my best friend and my better half.  I have never been happier and though it defies all reason, I found what I believe to be is my very soul mate.  And I will do everything within my power to love her every second of every day for the rest of eternity.  I have been waiting for her for far too long but now... There are two people, two hearts, two worlds that somehow are able with one ring, one love, and one lifetime to become something that only dreamers can wish for.  The road has been far from easy.  Still, I know that the easiest decision I ever made was after realizing that Tatiana and I were made for each other, was to ask her to marry me.  She might not be perfect as the world goes but she is perfect for me and I love her.

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