Friday, June 18, 2010

Get Lost in the Rain

Happiness is an interesting thing, and I like thinking about interesting things. Happiness seems in many peoples' lives conditional instead of a choice. Now why is that? Does life have to be a bed of roses for us to have smiles on our faces or can we just accept that life is hard? I truly believe that all we need to do to be happy is to choose to be. If we make the best of our situation and accept our efforts we are able to live in our circumstances. They do not define us by any means. Some of the best minds and people I have come to know live in the hardest circumstances. But they get by and life for them is good.

Now that is an idea... make a "Life is Good" t-shirt with someone at work, like a postal worker getting chased by a dog or a man at a desk buried in paperwork. Seriously though, no matter what is raining on our parade, in time a rainbow is sure to follow. So let us embrace those hard times, because they are the good times. It is when we learn and grow, fail and fail again, but eventually we will succeed, those are the good times. So don't get bogged down but embrace it and accept it ... a character building experience. And I know, character sucks especially while you are building it. But be happy and enjoy life for what it is, and take some time to get lost in the rain.