Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Christmas Eve"

by Bill Watterson
On window panes, the icy frost
Leaves feathered patterns, crissed and crossed,
But in our house the christmas tree,
Is decorated festively
With tiny dots of colored light
That cozy up this winter night.

Christmas songs, familiar, slow,
Play softly on the radio.
Pops and hisses from the fire
Whistle with the bells and choir.
My tiger is now fast asleep
On his back and dreaming deep.

When the fire makes him hot,
He turns to warm whatever's not.
Propped against him on the rug,
I give my friend a gentle hug.
Tomorrow's what I'm waiting for.
But I can wait a little more.

Friday, December 11, 2009


As of Decemeber 11, 2009, the world's population is estimated to be 6,802,731,514. That is a lot people. And out of all of those people, I am but one. But I feel like I can make a difference. Out of that 6.8 billion people there are those that are evil. And there are those that are good that fight against evil. There are those that are searching for something. And those that are about to find that really they have had what they were looking for all along.

There are those that pretend to be happy, and those that truly have found joy in their lives. There are those that feel like they are on the edge of giving in if it wasn't for one more day. And there are those that find unknown strength within themselves to overcome what seems like impossible odds. I think that I am all of these. And all I look for is one person that would love me as much as I can love them. I have never been very good at probability or counting the odds, but then again I am not really interested in knowing them anyways. Because though there may be 6,802,731,513 wrong ways for me to fall into love, all I need is one way to make it all worth it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Walk Cycle

The very last project I have in my animation class is a walk cycle. To begin, I worked on this over Thanksgiving break, so I worked on it for a long time. And when I did do it, it turned out something like this... Walking to the Gym is the first draft.

So my professor's response was less than what I wanted to hear or expected. I had a two day deadline and she said it was too realistic. There would be too many things I would need to change to make it polished. The head was moving in a circle, the proportions were a little off, and the list would go on and on. At first I was discouraged. She was basically saying, good try but it is too difficult. Start over. So what did I do... jumped back up on that bucking bronco more determined and got to work. The result was called Self-Conscious Nude Beaches.

Well, I had a little more time on my hand, and since I don't like nudity... I decided to give the poor sap some clothes. And since, he had my original mood from when I was told to start over, I thought I would dress him like me. Here is my final version of The Mopey Walk.