Sunday, March 13, 2011


A couple of days ago, I went to an acoustic concert. It wasn't so much the concert that touched me, or the amazingly cute company I had with me, but it was a little family. It was the typical LDS family with a close-knit family, couple of kids even in college, and the world is their playground. They had this little daughter that just stole the show. She was spinning and dancing, had those little spills and falls where jumping, clapping, and everything in between was part of her style. I honestly can't describe how cute it was to watch her just be herself and interact with her family.

The part that touched me on the whole thing was as I watched this little girl and her father there in the crowd. I thought about how my Heavenly Father watches all of us. Listening to the lyrics of the songs and watching her dance made me think of my future family. There is so much I want my daughters to know; things I want to teach my sons. I know that God loves us, He watches over us, we make Him laugh, and we make Him cry. We will always be His little children. We are like that little girl in His eyes. No matter who you are and whatever you do, it doesn't matter what you choose to do, because God will not love you any less.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Waking Up

Every once in a while, you have to take a risk. Every once in a while it seems like it is worth taking the chance. I have learned what it means to love a friend in more ways than one. I let her come inside. And she let me live a dream for a while, maybe a little too long. And I finally got to that point, like in any dream, where you have to decide to take the plunge and go for the impossible. I tried to fly to her, but she clipped my wings. She didn't take it away, she gave it back to me instead. I know that I loved her. I know that I lived my dreams for a while. It was an amazing journey and I treasure every moment of it. I just hope that she will be happy and I pray that everything will work out. I wish I could say that I made a mistake or something like that, but I can honestly say that I know and I feel that I was doing the right thing all along. I followed my head and my heart and when it came time to fall, I didn't fall... I leaped. I soared. Failing unlike falling is a choice to stop to quit to give up on things or people that meant something to you, but I can say that I was not and am not choosing to fail, because I am not afraid to fall. This time the fall was like getting kicked in the chest, but I asked for it. So give me sometime to catch my breath. I will be alright. Love is a dream and like life, waking up can sometimes be the hardest part of the reality.